Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Project: MonitoxMonita Project

Official logo for my project

Yay! This is my very first photography project! And I am very proud to say that its 80% complete!

The theme was Monito Monita

What is Monito Monita?

This is a christmas tradition wherein you give gifts for a certain period of days and each day has a different theme. Themes always start with the word 'something' (e.g. something sweet, something short, something yuck etc.. )

I don't know if this is only done here in the Philippines, ha! Let me know if this tradition is also done in other country!

Anyway, here are my entries for 10 Days!

Day 1: Something Red

Let's start this thing with a fisheye selfie

Day 2: Something Cute

Santa's Mini Workshop! (I guess..)

Day 3: Something Long

It's not supposed to be physical right? This is Long exposure!

Day 4: Something Blue

Who knew Santa had blue eyes?

Day 5: Something Big

A big mansion. Christmas mansion!

Day 6: Something Small

The iconic little drummer boy!

Day 7: Something Hot

Lights are hot right?

Day 8: Something Cold

Snowflake christmas ornament! Weeeee~

Day 9: Something Soft

A Bear christmas ornament! Aren't all bears soft and cuddly?

Day 10: Something Hard

Baby Jesus statue! Hard as rock!

And that concludes my first ever photography project! The reason why it is still 80% because it is still in the process of printing. Yes! I'll make this to a ten-page photo-book! I will print all of my projects so that in the future I can have a whole shelf just for my photo-books! 

I'll update this when I finish editing + printing the book! :)

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