Monday, December 1, 2014

First Grip on My Cam

The famous 'BGC is Photo Friendly Sign' Indeed, it is photo friendly now.
So yeah.. I planned a 'photowalk' with my friend since I now have a camera that works fine (at least, for me. Nikon D3200) and because we were assigned by our instructor to take pictures that are underexposed/correctly exposed/overexposed.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a photographer YET, I am a Photography Hobbyist and this is my first time. OK?

This was a foot callus-ing trip for me as we get lost in the streets on Bonifacio Global City searching for the High Street. I've read on the internet that its a decent place to shoot. We didn't have google maps on us, and I failed to have enough research on where the place was. (sorry, I'm kinda new to this place)

These are some of my shots.
(Click Here to see photos in original size)

We ended up in the Mall area after we get lost and spend too much time walking/figuring out where we were.
So we started out with the flower stands near the Market! Market! area

Photo I used for my Plate
Then we realized, if we spend too much time on flowers, we will run out of sunlight for the city views

My camera buddy for the day
And yes, we ran out of time. It turned 6pm. Haha, I guess its a nice time to shoot city lights

We have our tripod with us, might as well try long exposure (YES, it's my first time)

Since its night time, its BOKEH TIME! (Oh God, I love Bokeh)

To wrap it up, it was a tiring trip but it is really nice to practice taking pictures in a place where you feel secure. I'll be sure to come back and shoot this place again once I finally know what I am doing. And next time, I'll make sure the sun is still up. Boo.

Thumbs up for a success trip

(Click Here to see photos in original size)

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