Monday, January 12, 2015

Colorless Photos I Love

"Passers-by" - Depth plate
Lately I've been in love with black and white photography. I don't know why but i think some photos are better without the color.

Also, it gives a stronger vibe on the emotional part of the image. (so emo, LOL)
Nah.. kidding aside, i'll just keep this short and present to you my first-2-weeks-of-january favorites. Here they are!
Here's gramps! (well i guess i still haven't recovered from the holiday season)

 Just feel my cat's piercing stare..


 My favorite of all!

 BONUS: Silhouette photos I love!

A local lone tree.. It was hard to find the right angle to make this tree look like the lone tree.

"Lone tree"

"Chained Beauty"
 So yeah, that's about all of it. I had a few more favorites for the first two weeks of the month but i guess this post is for the B&W photos. Did you feel the different emotions from each photos? How did I do? Did you like it? Let me know!

Thanks for dropping by this post!

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