Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Emergency Photowalk

OLA Parish Cemetery entrance

It has been a stormy weekend for me and i still have a remaining plate for my next photography class, that is why i went out on a semi-stormy afternoon of Dec 9, 2014.

 I went out shooting under my umbrella with the camera on my right hand. It was pretty embarrassing for my part because it is (for me) strange to see someone shoot outdoors in such weather. Well, i had no choice. I was D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E.

I had limited movements because I keep myself dry (actually I keep my camera dry). That is why my shots were pretty disappointing.

I went around Marikina area (where i live). I went to Marikina river only to find out garbage floating on the river which was an eyesore from my cam's viewfinder. I went to the heritage-like Cafe Kapitan Moy area but i was too shy to shoot because of... I don't know. But I went to OLA, Our Lady of the Abandoned, just a street away from the cafe, the central Church in my area. And to a cemetery just behind it. :)

Here are some of my Shots.

"Cemetery rule of thirds" - empty graveyard in apartment style in a photographer's perspective
An image of Jesus Christ in the wall, this is really a catholic cemetery
Yes, I only have 2 extra shots. I was really in a rush because i still have to post process + print them right away. Here are the photos i used for my plate:

"Standing Still" - Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish after the storm Ruby
Yes, i've been tinkering around the sliders of Lightroom 5. Have seen loads of tutorials but i honestly still don't know what I am doing. I think Lightroom is really about your own taste. What do you think? Did i overdo it?

"Never a Lone Tree" - Yeah, you know what it meant.

I immediately got home after shooting those. When i got home, i opened my facebook account (i normally do this whenever i get home) and found out that the deadline for this week's plate is extended up to the next week. Bummer. 

Yeah, atleast i had experience shooting in an environment which i'm not familiar with (first time in this cemetery, srsly). Atleast i experienced shooting under time pressure. Atleast i was able to spend my day productively. Yeah positive side, positive side it is.

I'll do this again next time!

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