Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Getaway: Cruz Family Mansion!

Cruz Family's Christmas designed Mansion in Filinvest East 
It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's Christmas!

And you can (for sure) feel it when you're inside this house! This house covered of hundred+ lights IZ DA BOMB!

I've seen it on TV 2 weeks ago and felt the rush to fly to this place. It's not that far, so It's the perfect place for my feet to go.

This is really a nice place, aside from being free, you can really get inside the house's yard and you get to peek at their 'in-house' decoration.

The free house light 'park' starts at 6pm, as soon as the sun starts to set! It's advisable to go here early as it gets too crowded by 8pm onwards

learn how to get here at the end of the post! :)

Here are my shots from this trip:

There are lots of christmas toys! Yay! (*Kid's screams)

Everythings rotating & moving!

You can find all sorts of christmas decorations you can think of!

The Little Drummer Boy

A random rice grain miller appeared in the backyard!
 Since its a night trip, there would surely be Bokeh photography on my cam

A peek inside the house, Their family picture (i think)

 There's 7D! (so modern! it's Snow White's 7 Dwarves)

A Christmas decor must-have, Classic Belen

Even Chinese themed decorations are here!

Oriental Teahouse in the snow, My favorite decor of all

Santas Workshop (I believe)
And of course, Christmas wont be complete without the iconic Santa Clause! 

"Seasonal Gramps"

There's soooo many of them!

4 8-footer Santa Clauses guard the place

"Almost Real"
Photo Buddy of the day!

Such pose, Such candidness
Mandatory front door picture, Lol
#Selfie #Fisheye
How to get here:
This is located in Filinvest East Cainta, Rizal. Along Marcos Hi-way.
♦ If you're coming from Cubao, got to Aurora Boulevard, ride a jeepney with a Cogeo sign and get off at Filinvest. Then ride tricycle inside the subdivision's premises and tell the driver to take you to Mark St. When you get to mark street, you'll see the house lit up brightly!
♦ If you're coming from any other places, just get to Cubao and follow the instructions coming from cubao. Ha!

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  1. The how-to-get-there information is very accurate! Oh, remind them that the entrance of individuals is at the center of the guard house and that there are no passes so don't disturb the guards. Haha. :D