Monday, January 26, 2015

Wide Angle Converter Lens Pt. 1: Macro Madness

'Nature Crawler'
So yeah, I bought this gear for only 1,300 php at and I must say, this add-on never left my camera lens. 

The package with the lens cap
This is a Wide Angle Converter Lens. It comes with a Bag, Wide angle converter & Macro adapter lens/filter.

Macro Adapter lens/filter
 The best part about this gear is that it has two functions: The .45x super wide angle & macro. You can really have cheap macro with this.

Here are some of my macro shots:

'Quarter Dollar'



'Mannerless Vegetable, OKRA'



'Deep within'
If you want to check my Wide angle sample shots, Check this post here: (wait for update, hihi)

I am really having fun with this new addition to my photography arsenal. If you want a cheap macro/wide angle for your DSLR, this is a must have.

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